Homophobia, Queerness and Partriarchy in the township

26 Jul 2017 - 16:15

BLACK ART & COMMUNITIES AT HEART (BACAH): A decolonial conversation in a space where it matters.

Space, context and subject connect in the second in a series of conversations designed as public events to explore the importance of Black art, Black artists and Black communities in a democratic South Africa.

Titled “Homophobia, Queerness and Partriarchy in the townships”, the event will take place on Saturday 19 August from 3pm to 6pm at the Makukhanye Art Room in Khayelitsha. It forms part of the Black Art & Communities at Heart (BACAH) conversation series, conceptualized and hosted by Mandisi Sindo, a recipient of a National Fellowship from the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA).  Prior to each event, an invited writer submits commentary to a selected respondent for comment. The commentary is also made publicly available.

For the conversation on 19 August the participants are community organiser and social justice activist, Chumani Maxwele, and sociologist, blogger and advocate for queer consciousness, Lwando Scott.

“The series of talks that are organized in Khayelitsha presents a unique opportunity for us, as activists, to put to practice the idea of theory,” says Maxwele. Sindo adds that the BACAH conversations aim to find concrete ways for art to be used effectively to address social ills and effect change. “More importantly these conversations take place away from the traditional centres of these talks at universities and city centres. It happens inside the communities most affected by the subject matter,” he says. “Cases in point go as far back as 2003, with the death of Lorna Mlofana and are still occurring as recent as 2016, with the death of Noluvuyo Swelindawo.”

Mandisi Sindo is a South African actor, director, voice artist, curator, theatre practitioner and a community activist based in Cape Town. He is the founder, artistic director and CEO of Theatre4Change Arts Project, an NPO based in Khayelitsha with whom he has produced the Kasi-2Kasi Public Art Festival. He is also an art director and producer at the Makukhanye Art Room, the only Shack Theatre in SA.

Additional BACAH conversations will take place on 23 September and 4 November.


Venue: Makukhanye Art Room, 117 Bida Cres, Village 4 North, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

For further information, please contact Mandisi Sindo 084 038 1900 or 076 035 9672

Mandisi Sindo is a recipient of an ICA National Fellowship 2017.