Great Texts/Big Questions Lecture Series with Mishka Hoosen

17 May 2018 - 15:45

Eros and undoing: Language, trauma and love in transformation

Wednesday 16 May 2018


Hiddingh Hall

Refreshments served from 17:30

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“In exploring the breakdown of language due to trauma, a journey to ‘the far places’ of human experience, I want to examine the idea of love and desire, and how eros shapes this transformative process,” says writer Mishka Hoosen. “In looking at Call it a Difficult Night and other works, I want to examine the role of love in shaping and transforming language and understanding, and consider what that might say about our current state of transformation as a wounded country.”

Mishka Hoosen was born in Johannesburg. She graduated from Inter-lochen Arts Academy and later from Rhodes University with an MA in Creative Writing. Her debut novel, Call it a Difficult Night, was published by Deep South Books in 2016. Hoosen won the Short Sharp Stories ‘Best Story’ Award in 2017 for ‘Wedding Henna.’