Live Art Workshops

20 Oct 2017 - 13:15

The Institute for Creative Arts will host comprehensive and interdisciplinary Live Art Workshops in Cape Town during November, for the conception, development and execution of live art.

The Workshops are aimed at artists of any discipline who have an interest in performance and want to extend their ideas further. They are not restricted to performers, directors and choreographers. Visual artists, architects, urban planners, designers and musicians are all encouraged to apply. Established artists in a single discipline wanting to move out of this are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Workshops will be facilitated by a selection of esteemed practitioners and educators and will include the following experiences: movement, voice, sound, lighting, picturisation and composition, choreography, theatre making and theory. Facilitators include Jenni-Lee Crewe, Theo Herbst, Andrew Lamprecht, Mandla Mbothwe, Mamela Nyamza, Jay Pather, Vaughn Sadie and Leonard Shapiro.

The intended outcome is a collaboration across disciplines to present a live artwork or performance developed during the course of the workshop. In addition, the works will be considered for public performance on an ICA platform. The workshop programme comprises the following sessions:

    Thursday 26 October, 6pm to 8pm, Introduction

    Saturday 4 November and Sun 5 November, full days

    Saturday 11 November and Sun 12 November, full days

    Saturday 18 November, half day

    Saturday 25 November, full day of Presentation/Performance

The ICA invites artists to apply by sending an email with the following details to by Friday 20 October. Successful candidates will be informed by Tuesday 24 October.

  • Name and full contact details
  • Primary discipline, e.g. live art, visual art, theatre, architecture etc.
  • One page CV including description of relevant study and work experience
  • Covering letter describing your interest in live art and a brief proposal for a work of performance art that you are considering creating. 

Prior to submission, please read the following and take careful note of the following:

  • The workshop is presented free of charge and includes lunch and tea/coffees on all workshop days.
  • Successful candidates are required to attend the full workshop series, i.e. all the above listed sessions. You are required to commit to the full programme including the presentation.
  • The workshop allows for a maximum of 20 participants and will be presented at UCT Hiddingh Campus, Orange Street, Cape Town.
  • Candidates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

For more information, please contact coordinator, Mari Stimie at / 076 4800 643.

Curator’s Note

Live Art in its broadest definition involves the melding of the visual and the performative. At its core it is about breaking rules, dismantling structures, cutting the extraneous for the conceptual, arriving at essences even though fleeting, self-reflexive or deconstructed, what we can broadly understand as anarchic.

The idea that one can ‘teach anarchy’ is absurd. As the iconic performance artist, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, points out: 

We are what others aren't, we say what others don't, and we occupy cultural spaces that are often overlooked or dismissed. Because of this, our multiple communities are composed of aesthetic, political, ethnic, and gender rejects (2001: 1).

So what then are the workshops about? These workshops will provide certain specific inputs that are discipline-based while accepting that the important spaces are those in between - for conjecture, consideration, debate, reflection, taking what is needed, abandoning the superfluous and then re- creation by the individual artist.

Teachers will provide some specific input amongst a range of other disciplines. What has worked in similar projects going back 15 years, is that the specificity of the discipline that is being taught retains its integrity and its tautness. It is inside of this taut exchange that when given the chance that the artist then dismantles, flies free and creates. The melding and creation of new forms out of all this input happens somewhere else and at some other time

Hence the need for participants to be present for all sessions and that there is provision for lunch and refreshment to allow for the interchange amongst participants on site as well as introspection time for individuals.

Jay Pather

Cape Town, October 2017

Reference: Gómez-Peña, Guillermo. 2001. In Defense of Performance Art.

Photographs: Artists Mamela Nyamza (De-Apart-Hate), left, Jelile Atiku, middle, and Sethembile Msezane, right, at the ICA 2017 Live Art Festival. Photographer: Ashley Walters.