Great Texts/Big Questions Lecture Series - Toni Stuart

6 Apr 2018 - 16:00


Toni Stuart

Listening for Krotoa-Eva: re-imagining historical narratives as an act of healing

Wednesday 11 April 2018


Hiddingh Hall

Refreshments served from 17:30

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In this performance-lecture, Toni Stuart shares her process of writing

Krotoa-Eva’s Suite, a cape jazz poem in three movements which seeks to re-imagine Krotoa-Eva’s story in her own voice. Using live performance, audio-visuals, and interactive elements, she will share what she has learnt, and her experience of journeying with this story. It is a personal-political journey – confronting ‘the uncomfortable question of being me: a womyn classified “Coloured” at birth,’ and how she uses poetry to write against and through the silences, and the inherited trauma, in order to heal the very same.

Toni Stuart is a poet, performer and spoken word educator. She has an MA Writer/Teacher (Distinction) from Goldsmiths, University of London, where she was a 2014/2015 Chevening Scholar. She believes listening is a fundamental catalyst for change; and that poetry provides the silent room in which the listening needed for healing can take place. She is interested in the conversation between poetry and other disciplines, often collaborating with musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and dancers, among others.

Photocredit: Amaal Said